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Terms & Conditions

1. Payments/Invoicing
1a) NMA only accepts payments for a whole term (9-11 weeks). You cannot pay for each lesson as you go unless this has been agreed upon with the NMA staff.
1b) The term fee must be paid before the first lesson begins.
1c) An invoice will go out before the start of each term and when the payment is made, lessons will commence.
1d) New students will receive an invoice when their enrolment is processed.
1e) Payments must be made through internet banking. We do not accept cash.
1f) Payments must be deposited in our bank account:

Reference: Students name eg B Smith

2. Term Dates
2a) The NMA’s terms adhere to the NZ Ministry of Education school terms. However, sometimes there can be slight changes so please refer to our website for these changes.
2b) Public holidays - we do not operate on public holidays.

3. Timetabling of lessons
3a) Students will be informed of their lesson time/day by at least 2 days in advance  
3b) If NMA needs to change the lesson time/day, the students will be contacted as far in advance as possible to make alternative arrangements that suit the student and NMA.
3c) Pupils on a rotating timetable at schools in order to not miss the same class room lesson each week, will be given a timetable for the whole term. The student must take responsibility for their lesson time each week.

4. Absences

Group lessons/School-based programme
4c) No catch-up lesson or credits will be provided for an individuals absence from a group music lesson eg group guitar lesson.
4d) In the case where the entire group is absent and has given 24 hours notice, a catch-up lesson will be arranged or credit will be added to the student's account.
4e) If a student cannot attend lessons for more than two weeks due to medical reasons, you must provide a medical certificate. Catch-up lessons will be arranged or you will be credited for the lessons missed.

​Individual lessons
4a) If the student cannot make a lesson, 24 hours notice must be given and a catch-up lesson will be arranged.
4b) If the student cannot make a lesson, and less that 24 hours notice is given, no catch-up lesson will be arranged.