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Music lessons at the studio and in schools will begin from Monday 19 February. A little delay this term as a few of our tutors have been away on music projects and the studio is still being completed.

We have this ledendary fellow coming to Napier Music Academy in March. He will be working with a selected few on song-writing and the music industry. If you are aged between 13 - 18 and already are writing songs/performing, please get in touch to be considered for a spot!

We have a cool, retro inspired studio with a fully insulated band room now located at 4 Craven Terrace. 

Come and check out the new studio and see what Napier Music Academy is all about on Friday 16 February from 3.15 - 6.15pm. Live music by Emma Webb, meet the tutors, FREE mini lessons on drums, guitar and piano available.

We will be looking at hiring out our band room, equipped with a drum kit, amps, digital piano and a full PA a few nights a week during 2018.
If your band needs a space to rehearse, please get in touch. It will be $15 per person for 3 hours.

Napier Music Academy
At the Napier Music Academy, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to learn to sing or play a musical instrument. We bring music education to individuals of all ages and abilities in the community. Our teachers are highly trained professionals who are actively involved in the New Zealand music industry, and provide individual or group lessons in a fun and enjoyable learning environment.​

While our lessons are fun and engaging, our teachers are able to include both theory and practical elements into each lesson! And at the end of each term, we offer the chance to perform in a live concert, showcasing what you have been working on.

Weekly lessons with one of our great tutors will help students to stay focussed on achieving their goals and maintain good playing habits from the beginning; something youtube cannot provide.

At the Napier Music Academy, we encourage our students to be a part of a band or ensemble to practise their skills learnt in their lessons and apply them in a group situation. Each group is mentored by one of our amazing and experienced tutors, and together you will work towards regular live performances and music competitions including rockquest, battle of the bands, pacifica beats and many more!

Through group lessons, holiday programmes, bands and ensembles, students will feel a sense of belonging and importance, and make lifelong friends.

Meet the tutors
  1. Location
    Our studio is located on Craven Terrace (on the other side of The Paisley Stage)
  2. Operating Hours
    Lessons run during the school term Monday - Friday 8.30am - 3pm (in schools) and 3.15 - 7.15pm (in our studio) Holiday Programme 9am - 3pm
  3. At your school
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Instruments offered
Napier Music Academy is currently offering  lessons in:

Singing, Guitar (Acoustic & Electric), Bass Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Drums, Piano Accordion, Ukulele, Saxophone, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone
However, if you wish to learn another instrument not listed, depending on the demand for this specific instrument, we may be able to find you a tutor. Get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Group Lessons
Duo lessons (2 students) are $23.50 per student for a 30 minute lesson. Per term the cost is $235.
Group lessons (3-5 students) are $16.50 per student for a 30 minute lesson. Per term the cost is $165.

Individual Lessons
Individual lessons (one-on-one with a professional tutor) are $35 for a 30 minute lesson or a discounted rate of $300 per term when paid in full before lessons begin.

Bands (Generally 3 – 6 students) are $23 per student for a 60 minute lesson. Per term the cost is $230.

Holiday Programmes
The holiday programmes will run during the school holidays every week and involve a live performance at the end of that week. Our programs have different themes including songwriting, bands, make a music video, busking and sound/stage setup. Each holiday program is $229  for the week and runs from 9.00am – 3pm.

For students wanting an in-depth knowledge of music theory, or perhaps preparing for an NCEA external or Trinity exam, we offer small theory classes (3-5 students) at $16.50 per student for 30 minutes.


 At the end of each term, we will put on a free live concert to showcase the work and talent of each student.    

Please note:
 All of our prices are GST Inclusive.

Student Book
Please note that students will be billed an extra fee for their lesson workbook.

Terms & Conditions
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Classes & Workshops

We are currently running evening classes so come along and join in on the fun! Register online now!


Thursdays, 6pm - 7pm, $99
6 week course for adults 
Tutor: Rosie Langabeer - professional musician and composer

Learn the basics of jamming! Using an approach that incorporates playing by ear, reading music and basic theory we will learn how to improvise riffs and chord progressions, solos and grooves. You will get a handle on what notes to play over what chords, practice keeping in the groove, improve your listening skills and have fun creating music as a group.


Bands & Ensembles

At the Napier Music Academy, we believe that it is vital to apply your instrumental or vocal skills in a music group or ensemble. We place our students in groups of similar age, musical style and abilty. Each group is mentored by one of our amazing and experienced tutors, and together you will work towards regular live performances and music competitions including rockquest, battle of the bands, pacifica beats and many more!​​​​

Playing in a group allows you to work on a different set of skills. Being involved in a music group sharpens both your concentration and listening skills because you must listen to the other sections of the group. Playing in a group also boosts your team and social skills as you learn to cooperate with others in the group; a very important aspect of being successful in life. It is also common for people to gain lifelong friendships through activities like this. Being part of a music group also promotes discipline and responsibility as you don't want to let others in the group down. Most importantly, playing in a group is exciting and fun! When performing in a group, it can eliminate stress and stage fright because you are not alone. 

Bands (Generally 3 – 6 students) are $23 per student for a 60 minute lesson. Per term the cost is $230.


Holiday Programmes

During the school holidays, we will be running a series of holiday programmes. Each week will be completely different so if you want to do a few holiday programs, you can!

WHEN:  Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm at our studio

WHO: Open to all ages. You will be put into groups of the same ability and similar age groups

WHAT IS INVOLVED: As mentioned above, each holiday program will be different. Each program will be themed and involve a live performance at the end of the week. Examples of holiday programs include, songwriting, bands, making a music video, busking, ukulele orchestra, recording, sound/stage setup and many more!

WHY: Meet new people, make new friends, get better on your chosen instrument and have heaps of fun!

WHAT TO BRING: Your lunch and your musical instrument (if you have one). If you don't have one, no worries - you can try some of ours.

HOW MUCH: $229 for the week and must be paid before the programme begins.

View videos from past holiday prorammes here!


At the Napier Music Academy, we understand that sitting exams is not for everyone. However, some students like the challenge of the exams and having an internationally recognised qualification. At the Napier Music Academy, we help these students work towards sitting the Trinity exams.

The exams are offered by Trinity College London - www.trinitycollege.com 
Trinity has been providing assessments around the world since 1877 and their exams focus on assessing skills and how effectively the candidates can apply what they have learnt, not just on knowledge for its own sake.
Each year over 700,000 candidates in over 60 countries take a Trinity assessment and the exams are regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and recognised internationally
Trinity exams and assessments are specifically designed to help students progress. They inspire learners and mark their achievement at each stage of their development and at all levels of competence. 

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